Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have a new obsession with this blog. I really enjoy her inspiring workout routines, to help make me feel some SERIOUS PAIN! I swear if she was not so cheerful and encouraging, I would always be screaming at her. She has many so intense workouts, and recipes. She loves her followers, and has made a lot of advances that her followers have requested. Part of the fun in working out, is the intense pain I feel afterwards; and have been struggling to find something that I want to do, that does that for me. I did about 5 video workouts on Monday, and my butt was killing me the next day. OH and my calves, feel on fire, the second day after they feel even worse, ouch. So if your interested in pushing your body to the limits, and just testing your overall fitness, I highly recommend checking out, Bllogilates. She has over 68 workout videos, with tons of inspiring content. She loves to hear from the people who workout with her videos, go check it out today and I am sure you will find something inspiring about her blog too.

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