Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Educational Decision

On Wednesday, I received a call from Aurora University stating that I was accepted into their nursing program for the Fall of 2015. This was a shock because I had previously been denied and put on the wait list. Despite this generous offer to join Aurora’s Bachelors of Nursing program I choose to decline. I made this decision in only a few minutes and could not be happier with my decision.

            I could not possible accept their offer because my heart belongs elsewhere. When I was first denied by Aurora University, it was a couple days after I received an exhilarating call, saying I was accepted into Rockford University’s Nursing program. I immediately accepted Rockford University’s offer before I knew if any of my other two options would accept me. There was safety in accepting because I did not know my future at other nursing programs. Fortunately, both of my other two options came back as being declined because it really drove home that I was not meant to go to those schools. When I heard I was declined from both I was happy because it meant that I was solidly destined to go to Rockford University. I am a believer in a divine hand who plays a role in our lives and I believe only getting accepted originally to Rockford University was a gift from above. It helped to clarify that despite all my concerns about leaving home, meeting new peers, and the challenging curriculum of a nursing student that I would find my place within this new community. I think my certainty also stems from the fact that after I received my phone call of acceptance to Rockford University at work. A member whom I had not seen in a while, traveled up to speak to me. She was wearing a Rockford University sweatshirt and I learned she was currently in their nursing program. Upon confessing to her, I had just heard I was accepted she offered me her nursing textbooks to help save some money on my expenses. Although I am sure Aurora University has an amazing nursing program from the beginning it has been clear I was meant to go to Rockford University.

            Not only did I feel that I was destined to go to this school, but I had a lot of other motives to why I actually decided to decline the offer to join Aurora University instead of Rockford University. Both of these schools are private colleges which to be frank means they have a higher cost than public institutions. My financial stability when I get out of college depends on me making the wisest choices with my educational expenses. I am constantly applying for scholarships to try and lighten the burden of higher education but regardless of the number of scholarship applications I submit it is out of my hands if I am selected. While searching for scholarships, I have come across a lot of companies that are generous enough to help students with the significant cost of secondary education like Iron Security. Rockford University was the better choice because I was already selected to receive their prestigious Dean’s scholarship resulting in about half of my yearly tuition being funded from this scholarship. Rockford University also included an advantage over Aurora University, because I have been blessed to have been introduced and bonded with about five people who will be peers in many of my nursing courses. These are people that will be pursuing their nursing degree at the same time as me, and we will be in the same graduating class. I cannot speak highly enough of knowing people in my major before school even begins, it is great to know that I will be seeing a few friendly faces and have a dedicated group of people to study with and help navigate the difficulties of the nursing profession. Even during this summer, I have been communicating with a girl about all the excitement and concerns about starting school in the fall. These reasons help to contribute to my choice to not change my nursing educational institute.

            In two minutes, I made a life altering decision to decline the offer to go to Aurora University and I could not be happier. My financial future depends on wisdom when choosing the better choice to lower my educational expenses. The Dean’s Scholarship offered to me at Rockford University helped to make this college the best choice. The friendships I have developed before the start of class with other future nursing students have comforted and excited me for the lasting friendships I will generate during school and beyond. And last but not least, my final reason to decide not to go to Aurora University is because my heart believes I am destined to spend the next 2.5 years at Rockford University.